Graduation Day

The last piece in this book, and a joy for students to play. Though it sounds quite grand, it’s not difficult to play. In the art, every character from the book is included. Previous Index Next

Night Sky

Things to Review Middle C Position Flat Whatʼs New Twelve measure piece Same and Different This is a middle C position review, and more practice with flats. You may have noticed that we keep black keys (whether sharps or flats) only under fingers 2 and 3 in this book. These Continue Reading


Things to Review Tie Quarter Rest Whole Rest in 3/4 Whatʼs New Flat Moving the RH Down (out of the position) In this piece, we take the same approach to teaching flats that we used earlier for sharps. Here, the 3rd finger moves from a white key down to a Continue Reading

Sand Castle

Things to Review Legato and Staccato Quarter Rest Whatʼs New G Chord This simple piece, with its evocative lyrics, is rich with wonderful moments for building skills. We look at G chords, contrast legato with staccato, continue to develop reading in G position, and even a review of quarter rest. Continue Reading

Simon Says

Things to Review Slur 2nds and 3rds G Major Five-Finger Position Whatʼs New Staccato We have delayed staccato playing for rather late in the book, because to do it really well takes some finger strength and coordination. Teach a staccato technique that is played from the key, touching the key Continue Reading

Hot Dog

Things to Review 2nds, 3rds, 4th, and 5ths G Major Five-Finger Position Whatʼs New Reading Intervals in the G Major Five-Finger Position We are looking at all intervals here in the G Major Five-Finger Position. We have used eighth-notes to visually pair notes as an aid to seeing the intervals. Continue Reading

Marching in the Snow

Things to Review Middle C Position Note Values and Rests Sharp Whatʼs New Composer Peter Illyich Tchaikovsky This is an important review piece. We move back to middle C position, as we have not been there for a while. Also, this piece uses every note value and rest that we Continue Reading