A Piano in Paris

Early morning Parisian piano delivery.

Early morning Parisian piano delivery.

People often tell me that they can’t stand teaching adults. 

“My adults never practice,” they’ll say.

“My adult student doesn’t listen to me,” says another.

I offer this sweet photograph as a humble piece of evidence to the contrary. 

Look closely.

This picture, taken at dawn, is of a piano being delivered to my student Stan’s apartment. He’s in Paris for a few months teaching in the Stanford in Paris program. He’s a cardiologist, but he’s there teaching a class about music. His first priority was finding an apartment where he could fit a piano. (I didn’t realize that “fit” meant “able to be craned in.” Yikes.)

He is now safely cocooned in his apartment, teaching a class about music a few days a week and practicing the rest of the time.

The population is aging. People will always love to make music. 

I love teaching my adult students. Maybe you could love yours, too.