All Cooped Up

I’m all cooped up, are you?

I’m also suddenly exclusively teaching online remote lessons. I need some zippy instantly downloadable pieces for my younger students — the ones who are in method books and have supplementary books that I don’t necessary have copies of. I need some sure-fire solos up my sleeve and I need them NOW!

So I wrote this book. It was inspired by the idea that around the world, each of is All Cooped Up and maybe this would provide a way to both talk about and find some humor in our shared experience. The book is available as an instant download with a flexible studio license so you can share the files with your students and they can print them at home. All Cooped Up is a free download for members!

All Cooped Up is written in the style of my Attention Grabbers. The pieces use accidentals instead of key signatures, and are full of catchy little rhythms and quirky melodies. I even managed to teach them remotely to my students so I know they work. The only thing I did differently was including measure numbers. Who knew that without warning we’d all have to be teaching remotely and need measure numbers even in the easiest pieces?

Here is the link .