Long-Term Dreaming

“Close your eyes and dream…” Mmmm…I love to dream.  “Close your eyes and let’s do some long term planning…” Uh…not so much. Maybe I could muster some long-term dreaming.  Our lives as piano teachers are short on dreaming. Lately I’ve become more aware of the power of imagining. Letting myself Continue Reading

Forge a Bond

“Anne-Louise Andrews, come here RIGHT now!”  Directly in front of me, barking at her daughter, was Gayle Andrews, mother of Anne-Louise. Both of us had children in gymnastic classes and we were in the waiting area. I saw my opportunity.  “My son is in the 4:00 o’clock class, but then Continue Reading

Assume Nothing

The Roland keyboard I use for composing. I was explaining to my student Nadia, age 7, that there were keyboard instruments before there were pianos. “There was one called a harpsichord,” I said. She looked over at the Roland keyboard perched on its side against the wall. “Is that one of those Continue Reading