Think Mindfully

“Think mindfully. Calm down. Take a few mindful breaths. Think about calm things and don’t be all hyper.” Sasha helping Mooey calm down after an exciting lesson. Sounds like something a piano teacher from California would say, right?  Except it wasn’t. It was Sasha, age 8, telling Mooey (the push puppet) Continue Reading

A Piano in Paris

Early morning Parisian piano delivery. People often tell me that they can’t stand teaching adults.  “My adults never practice,” they’ll say. “My adult student doesn’t listen to me,” says another. I offer this sweet photograph as a humble piece of evidence to the contrary.  Look closely. This picture, taken at dawn, Continue Reading

Try A Drawl

My student’s Mom’s Facebook post made my day: Seriously love Clementine’s piano teacher, who taught most of today’s lesson with an outrageous southern accent because otherwise Miss C was not inclined to listen. — with Diane Hidy. I’m a morning person. I like to get up and get my work done. I Continue Reading

For Whom?

Sometimes the world-wide-web is a wonderful world indeed. I have a friend who feels like my long-lost soul mate; Elissa Milne is a gifted composer and has probably missed her calling as a stand-up comedian. Not sure, because I haven’t met her yet in person but on the web she cracks me Continue Reading