Baking the Cake

Things to Review
C Major Five-Finger Position
Two Eighth Notes
Bass Clef F Line

Whatʼs New
C Major Five-Finger Position on the Grand Staff
Three New Notes to Read in the Bass Staff: C D E

Here we move to the C Major Five Finger Position. In the pre-staff reading, we played in Middle C Position, then in the C Major Five Finger Position. We are going in the same order on the staff that we went in off the staff, so that students are familiar with what they are learning to read. This will give a feeling of security and confidence as they use previously gained knowledge to help them learn new concepts.

We bring back the bold F line in the bass staff. In the middle C position, we used the bold F line to help us read notes above it. Now, we use it to help read notes below it. But, just three new notes in the bass staff: C, D, and E.

In the picture, the kids are baking a cake for their mom’s birthday. This art is rich with detail. Notice the cat lying on the rug — that cat will show up again! The painting taped to the refrigerator is from “The Artist” on page 14.

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