Black Key Groups

This is the first opportunity for students to make sounds at the piano. Notice that the pictures help show the student the correct direction to play (up or down). We find it most effective to play the keys together (blocked) first, then one at a time.
You may do this by playing:

  • All four exercises consecutively, keys together; then go back and play all four exercises consecutively, one key at a time.
  • Each individual exercise, keys together, then repeat the exercise playing one key at a time.

Another way is to play the keys one at a time, then immediately together in each place on the keyboard, i.e. 2—3 2/3, move up, 2—3 2/3, move up, etc.

Re-assign this page for one or two weeks, as it will help students become very secure with the keyboard geography, as well as create more freedom of arm movement across the keyboard.

When a student plays the keys one at a time, observe their coordination and help them to acquire a legato touch. This is an excellent preparation for the upcoming music on page 8 and 9.

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