Brother John

Things to Review
C Chord: Blocked and Broken

Whatʼs New
Whole Rest
Playing Chords with a Melody

The whole rests are distinctively felt and heard in measures 5,6, and 7 with the sudden absence of block chords. And, each hand has an opportunity to experience a whole rest.

Take time to help the student see the broken C chords in measures 5 and 6, and contrast it with the descending C Major five-finger pattern in measure 7. (Five-finger pattern, or pentascale: either term is fine, use whichever you prefer.)

This is an ideal first experience in playing a melody accompanied by chords. The release of the chord at the end of each bar coordinates beautifully with the slurs in the RH melody. This avoids that dreaded struggle of keeping a legato melody while changing chords. In fact, this will never happen in the Primer level. Not until Level One, after students have gained enough experience and coordination, will they need to learn to keep a legato melody while changing chords.

If your student wants to change the title to the name of their brother, or sister, use a little white-out and have fun!

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