Duct Tape and the Creative Process

Nadia, age 7, was wearing a hot pink jacket. I showed her how to do a black key glissando.  She tried it herself.

“Ouch!” she said. “That hurt!” 

I grabbed the plain black roll of duct tape that was sitting on my piano. 

Next time I’ll get some fancy stuff.

Watch what happened.

Notice her spur-of-the-moment ideas: 

Duct tape + piano jpg.jpg
  • Using the glissando as a perfect pick-up to the downbeat.
  • Taking advantage of all the different sides of the duct tape.
  • Sometime using the hard side to play single notes.
  • Switching back to the side each time she wanted to do a glissando. 
  • In the middle of the piece she uses the tape as a percussion instrument and just taps on the fallboard. 

Moments like these are magical. All I said was, “Nadia, use the tape to play on the black keys.” I improvised underneath her.  

And don’t forget the duct tape.  

My students love to use it to make bags for their music