Halloween’s Eerie Sounds: How to Use Puzzle Erasers to Teach Theory

When teaching things like the wonderfully eerie whole tone scale, I always start with the physical. After experiencing the look at the feel, we connect it with the way it looks on the page.

The animals in whole tone position. 

  • I taught The Crystal Ball to Audrey this way:
  • She put the animals into an F major position.
  • She transformed that into F minor position.
  • We reviewed half steps and whole steps.
  • She transformed the F minor position into all whole steps.
  • She “played the animals” (now in whole tone position) while I held down the pedal. She was astonished.
  • finally showed her what it looked like on the page. 

The Crystal Ball from Halloween Level Two

These erasers are handy for teaching:

  • whole & half steps
  • major & minor 5-finger patterns and scales
  • intervals
  • triads