I Have A Music Business


“I have a music business.”

Nope. That doesn’t count. Don’t just pretend to say it out loud.

Say it out loud.

“I have a music business.”

OK. That was better. 

A few years ago a wise woman (okay, it was a therapist) suggested that I answer the question, “What do you do?” with the words, “I have a music business.”

I have a music business jpg.jpg

I know, you’re probably thinking well, that Diane Hidy…she DOES have a music business. She writes and composes and records and does so many different things.  But you know what? You do, too.

If you take money from people, you have a business.

If you take money for something to do with music, it’s a music business.

When I tell people I have a music business, they usually ask me more about it. I’m free to talk about what I do. I’ve already established that I support myself through music.

It’s much clearer than when I used to say, “I’m a pianist.” or even the  spicier, “I’m a musician.”

More likely than not, teaching is not the only thing you do in music. 

If people want to know more, you can explain that you teach piano and any of the zillions of other things that you do. Accompanying? Choral directing? Teaching at a private school? Composing? Owning a music school? Playing for parties, weddings or funerals? Playing in a band? Teaching Kindermusik? Running the local teaching organization? Organizing and running competitions or auditions? Writing articles for your newsletters? Maintaining your studio or branch website?

The list is endless. You already do all these things.

Here’s my challenge. The next time someone asks you what you do, simply say “I have a music business.” If you can’t bear to say this, you have my permission to add the word, “small.” You may say, “I have a small music business.”

But the small thing is only for the rest of the summer. By fall I want you to be bravely declaring that you have a music business. Plain and simple.

So please, say it out loud.