Ice Cream Truck

Things to Review
Line 3rds
Space 3rds
Fingers used to play 3rds: 1 3 5 or 2 4

Whatʼs New
Line and Space 3rds in the same piece.
F and G lines not bold.

This piece uses both line and space 3rds. We looked first at line 3rds on page 34, then space 3rds on page 35; now both in the same piece. Yet, there is still a certain separation: space 3rds occur only in measures 3 and 7. Not only is this visually strong, but the tactile feeling in the hand is distinct when switching from using 1, 3 and, 5 to 2 and 4.

Strategically placed boxes for note naming prepare students ahead of time for measures 3 and 7, as do the questions for circling finger numbers. All of these visual cues strengthen physical response to what they see on the page. We are laying a foundation of good fingering habits as we build reading skills.

Although the bold lines for F and G are removed, they will reappear later on as needed for orientation to new positions. But, right now, we are removing the “training-wheels”.

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