Icing the Cake

Things to Review
C Major Five-Finger Position
Steps and Repeated Notes
Landmark F
C D E in the Bass Staff

Whatʼs New

This is the introduction to the sign for legato, the slur. One of the more difficult concepts to teach about the slur is the sound of the lift between slurs. We have helped here with the use of repeated notes. The slight break between repeated notes gives just the right amount of lift between the slurs.

Slurs are also used to help shape a phrase, using dynamics to follow the rise and fall of the melody. This piece is written with distinct lines of steps going up or down, so that one can work on getting gradually louder to the highest note, and become gradually softer to the lowest. The final note of the slur is generally softest. (However, these are basic guidelines for shaping a phrase, but not hard and fast rules.)

We are also staying with steps up and down because we are still just beginning to read these notes for the C Major Five Finger Position in the LH. Answering the questions and filling in the boxes will help students read more successfully.

Use the vivid image of spreading icing on a cake to help students understand legato and shaping a phrase.

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