Kites for Sale

Things to Review
Half Note, Whole Note
Middle C Position

Whatʼs New
Adding Finger 5

With the addition of the finger 5 in each hand, we complete the Middle C position. Also, students have experienced quarter, half, dotted half, and whole notes.

Notice that 5 is used only once in each hand. We want to avoid over-using 5 until it gains a little strength. Also notice that just before 5 plays, there is a longer note to give time to stabilize the hand position. Immediately after 5 plays, we move away from it, back towards the stronger, more stable part of the hand.

The mirror-image of the LH melody to the RH provides a clear opportunity to work on recognition of notes moving up and notes moving down.

In the artwork, we see our two young people buying kites, which they will take to the park to fly. Look at the buildings in the background. There is the Town Hall, but also especially notice the Pizza Parlour.

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