Lessons With Animal Erasers: Sharp & Flat

Every time I post a video, someone immediately emails me asking for something more. You want something basic and simple. Something you can use this afternoon. I recommend using lots of things like the animal erasers, but you’d like some suggestions on how to use them.

Here’s a video of me teaching Sabine about sharps and flats. It’s completely unedited on purpose. I wanted you to have a little glimpse into a typical Wednesday afternoon at my studio. 

As you watch this short video, ask yourself: 

  • Is Sabine excited about using the animals? 
  • Why would I suggest she use two animals at first instead of just having her move one animal to the sharp? 
  • How do I react when she does something wrong? 
  • Exactly how do I correct her mistake? 
  • I let her tell me a story about a flat tire. Do you think it was worth the time? 
  • Do you think she’ll remember sharps and flats better after this lesson? 

Note: Extra credit for spying her sister, Iliana sneaking past holding the Egyptology book. If you haven’t seen the “ology” books, I highly recommend them. Pirateology is another favorite in my studio. They’re great books for a waiting area. Though, I am embarrassed to admit that in my studio everyone’s favorite are the completely garish and disgusting Guinness World Records Books


Sabine a few years ago. Already sitting tall. 

Sabine a few years ago. Already sitting tall.