Marching in the Snow

Things to Review
Middle C Position
Note Values and Rests

Whatʼs New
Composer Peter Illyich Tchaikovsky

This is an important review piece. We move back to middle C position, as we have not been there for a while. Also, this piece uses every note value and rest that we have learned. And it reviews sharp, which we learned in the previous piece. This is the final piece before we move to the G Major Five Finger Position on the next page.

Students really like playing this piece, and it sounds especially grand with the duet. But, to teach the rhythm successfully, have students count syllabically. Metric counting tends to create frustration.

How to count the first four measures syllabically:

Half — note quar-ter two-eighths half — note — dot, two-eighths quar-ter quar-ter quar-ter two-eighths whole — note — hold — it

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