Mary Had a Little Lamb

Things to Review
Quarter Note, Half Note
Finger Numbers 2,3,4
Groups of Two and Three Black Keys
What’s New
Repeated Notes
Whole Note
Call-Outs in the Music
Here we play a group of three black keys in the left hand, and a group of two in the right. (On the next page, this will be changed to two in the left and three in the right.)

We introduce another way that notes move: repeated notes. Direct your student’s attention to the contrasting appearance of repeated notes to notes that move up or down.

A new note value is also introduced: whole note. Notice the use of the call-out line from the whole note to its name and counting explanation.

Rather than isolating new concepts in a box somewhere at the top of the page, we introduce them right where they occur: in the music. Terms and definitions are connected to the new concept in the music with a call-out line. This proximity makes it easier to teach, and makes the new information more relevant and accessible to the student.

We now have that lamb we have been hinting at in the last two pieces!

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