Modern Sonatinas

Most of you are probably familiar with the Sonatinas of Clementi and Kuhlau, but there are also fantastic modern Sonatinas you might not know about. These charming pieces can add life to your student’s repertoire. If these are new to you, you’re in for a treat!

Here are a few of my favorites.

Jazz Sonatina

Jazz Sonatina by Robert Vandall remains one of my favorites pieces by him. The hand position changes are comfortable and the harmonies are jazzy and hip-sounding. I’ve used all three movements as stand-alone recital pieces, but my students particularly love the third movement. Intermediate with a few snazzy and challenging rhythms.

Showtime Sonatina

Showtime Sonatina by Jane Bastien is a piece with zippy rhythms and a big, important sound. It’s such a favorite of my students that I have to be careful not to give it to more than one at a time. Otherwise there’s a fight over who gets the honor of playing it on the recital! Elementary/Late Elementary

Postcard Sonatina is a marvelous first Sonatina. It makes an easy introduction to the Sonatina form, with a just a few flourishes to make it a showy recital piece. In the Key of F Major, with key signature. Elementary.

Sonatina in G

Sonatina in G by William Gillock is perfectly written, beautiful and sweet. I give this piece to my more musical students as a challenge piece. It looks harder than it is — reading is a bit tricky, but it’s more than worth it. Every student I’ve ever taught it to has loved it. Suitable for a child just heading into early intermediate repertoire. Late elementary.