Things to Review
Quarter Rest
Whole Rest in 3/4

Whatʼs New
Moving the RH Down (out of the position)

In this piece, we take the same approach to teaching flats that we used earlier for sharps. Here, the 3rd finger moves from a white key down to a black key. It is this process of moving a finger from the natural note to the altered note that is vital for learning what to do when you see a flat or sharp.

There are wonderful opportunities in this piece for practice at counting rests. Have your student write in the counts, but also play hands separately first, counting aloud. When putting it hands together, isolate measure 7 and 8 to practice not only the rhythm, but also the right hand moving down a step. Next, isolate measures 3 and 4 hands together to secure the counting. Then, integrate these measures into the whole piece.

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