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C Chord

The house is complete! And, the stability of the hand we have been building has prepared it to play chords. The metaphor of building the house for the idea of building the hand, and the completed house for playing chords, opens us up to the benefits of teaching chords to students:

  1. Technic: Playing chords develops the shape and strength of the bridge of the hand. Students can learn to feel the technique of using arm weight, as an alternate to individual finger movement, as the bridge of the hand gains strength and becomes reliably stable.
  2. Reading: The way chords look on the staff (line-line-line or space-space-space) can help students learn to distinguishing patterns and intervals. This visual blocking of notes is an important part of reading development.
  3. Accompaniment: Being able to accompany oneself is one of the joys of playing the piano. This first experience of playing C chords is the very beginning of learning about keyboard harmony and how we use it.

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