Piano Town Intro




Primer Level Lessons

The Perfect Place to Learn to Play the Piano

By Keith Snell & Diane Hidy

Join us for a page-by-page tour of Piano Town. This detailed guide will offer you tips and advice about exactly how to teach each page in Piano Town Lessons Primer. We hope this behind-the-scenes look will help you understand the design and purpose of every facet of the method.

The guide will be most useful if you have a copy of Piano Town Lessons

Primer Level (MP100) for reference as you read the commentary.

Let’s explore Piano Town!

Front Cover

Every element in the picture on the cover appears inside Primer Level Lessons.

We named the method Piano Town with the idea of creating an environment for learning. The town provides a place for exploration, as well as a feeling of home, with recurring characters and locations.


On the inside of the front cover, we wrote a concise preface, with information about the distinctive features of Piano Town. The bulleted points are especially important.

Table of Contents

Bold headings show the sections of the book.

Words in italics show detail of concepts presented in each section.


Celebrate the first lesson! This page provides a wonderful way to welcome a new student to your studio, and to Piano Town.

Students often keep their first piano book into adulthood. A cherished memory can be created by filling in the blanks. This may be done by the student, or by the teacher if the writing is too difficult for the student.

It is also an opportunity to communicate to the student how you, the teacher, prefer to be addressed, by filling in the blank for the teacher’s name.

To make the page even more special, clip or tape a photo of the student to the page.

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