Piano Town Park

Things to Review
Grand Staff
Middle C Position
F, C, and G
Up, Down, Repeat

Whatʼs New
All the Notes of Middle C Position on the Grand Staff

This page is a culmination of beginning staff reading from pages 24-28. We are putting together all that we have looked at:

  • Middle C position notes in bass and treble staffs (pages 25 & 27).
  • Landmarks F, C, G (pages 24, 26, 28).
  • Grand staff (pages 28 and 29).

This method of taking things apart, and then reassembling them in layers, is integral to how Piano Town teaches about reading and playing.

On pages 30 — 34, the melodic patterns begin only from F, C, or G. In ‘Piano Town Park’, there are no changes of direction within each five note pattern. In other words, five notes going all the way up or down from F, C, or G. This helps students focus on direction (up, down, repeat), and it reinforces the recognition of landmarks F, C, and G.

The characters in the art are entering the park, and we will continue to follow them on their adventures in the park for several pages.

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