Piano Town

Sing the melody,
Gently, just for me.
Take your place onstage,
Your audience awaits!
from The Audience (Piano Town Primer Performance)

Welcome to Piano Town!

Keith Snell and I wrote Piano Town because we wanted to create a method that truly respected each and every child. We’ve created a series that is easy for teachers use and exciting for students to experience.

It’s designed for students ages seven and up, though it can be used successfully with both younger and older students.

Take a peek behind the scenes as we show you exactly how to use this book. We offer tips and guidance about every page and piece in the Piano Town Primer Lessons Book. 

You can reference these tips before you teach a page for the first time, or you can use them to re-inspire you if you’re already an experienced Piano Town teacher.

I’m excited to share with you this page-by-page guide. If you like it, please leave a comment. We’ll be happy to create more step-by-step guides for Piano Town Teachers!

Introduction to Piano Town
Page 4 Sitting at the Piano, Hand Position
Page 5 The Piano Keyboard, Finger Numbers
Page 6 Playing Black Key Groups
Page 7 Notes and Rhythm

Pre-Staff Reading
Black Key Pieces
Page 8 New Things
Page 9 Up the Street
Page 10 Mary Had a Little Lamb
Page 11 Town Hall
White Keys
Page 12 The Music Alphabet /White Keys CDE
Page 13 White Keys FGAB
Middle C Position
Page 14 The Artist
Page 15 Purple Paint
Page 16 Kites for Sale
Page17 Getting Hungry
C Major Five-Finger Position
Page 18 Pizza Parlour
Page 19 The Drawbridge
Page 20 My New Kite
Page 21 Pirates at Sea
Page 22 The Dinosaur Song
Page 23 The Symphony

Staffs and Clefs
Page 24 The Sunset
Page 25 Low Tide
Page 26 Taking Attendance
Page 27 Aquarium, Terrarium

The Grand Staff
Page 28 The Mirror
Middle C Position
Page 30 Piano Town Park
Page 31 Horseback Riding
Page 32 The Satisfied Snake
Page 33 Obedience School
Page 34 Checkers
Page 35 Skateboards
Page 36 Ice Cream Truck
Page 37 Rowing in the Lake
Page 38 Yankee Doodle

C Major Five-Finger Position
Page 39 Baking the Cake
Page 40 Icing the Cake
Page 41 My Cat Max
Page 42 The Fire Truck
Page 43 The Surprise Party
Page 44 Running Errands
Page 45 The Foundation
Page 46 Brick by Brick
Page 47 The Carpenters
Page 48 My New Room
Page 49 Brother John
Page 50 Row, Row, Row Your Boat
Page 51 Thanksgiving Dinner
Page 52 My Front Tooth
Page 53 Marching in the Snow
G Major Five-Finger Position
Page 54 Double Decker Bus
Page 55 Hot Dog
Page 56 Simon Says
Page 57 Sand Castle
Page 58 Moving
Page 59 Night Sky
Page 60 Graduation Day
Page 62 What I Have Learned
Page 64 Certificate of Achievement