Pirates at Sea

Things to Review
Steps and Skips
Dotted Half Note

Whatʼs New
Time Signature 3 Quarter

Fingers 1 2 3 match beats 1 2 3 in measures 1,2 and 5. (One measure less than page 20.)

We include skips in measure 7. It is good to take a look at these ahead of time. The questions will guide to you to this.

We still include syllabic counting as a practice step, even when introducing metric counting. Have a student play the piece with syllabic counting first, to set the pace and rhythm, then follow it with metric counting. There is no best time to discontinue syllabic counting; continue with it as long as you wish, while introducing metric counting along the way.

After flying kites, the kids join other friends in the park playground, using their imaginations as they pretend to be pirates on a make-believe ship. Keep your eye on the violin case, subtly placed at the stern of the ship.

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