All Cooped Up (Studio License)


Five delightful one-page, elementary-level pieces written in Diane Hidy’s sure-fire Attention Grabber style.

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Feeling a bit cooped up these days? Why not treat yourself and your students to some chicken-themed fun? These five delightful one-page pieces are written in Diane Hidy’s sure-fire Attention Grabber style. The studio license means you can download them once and share the files immediately with your students right now!

Your students will love these light-hearted pieces:

        • Poultry Prance
        • Chicken Chimes
        • Bantam Waltz
        • Hunt and Peck
        • Sunrise Doodle-Doo

Download now and you can teach them today!

This collection is a free download for TeachWithDiane members. Click here to learn more.

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One thought on “All Cooped Up (Studio License)

  1. Thank you for the delightful “Chicken Music”! Some of my students have had such a good time doing a Zoom class with each of the 4 students playing one of your tunes and then using the 5th tune as a game board using a die. Each number of the die had different tasks to do with the particular measure they landed on, i.e. name the intervals in the measure, name the notes in the bass clef, sing the melody in the measure, etc. This is a great game from Nicola Cantan in her Vibrant Music Teacher section. I did this same Zoom class with two groups of students mostly at the Late Beginner level…..they had a blast and so did I!

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