Copy Cats Book One (Studio License)


Copy Cats Book One (Studio License)

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Note: This is a 12 page downloadable PDF to print and reprint as often as you’d like.

These alternating phrase pieces are ideally suited for teaching online. Play one hand and have your student play the other, then switch parts! In no time at all you’ll have taught a new piece and reinforced sight reading and ear training all at the same time!

Each COPY CAT piece is made of catchy, physically comfortable phrases which are immediately imitated by the other hand. In some pieces, the right hand begins and the left hand imitates it. In others, the left hand starts. These pieces encourage an unusual and important combination of both sight- reading and using one’s ear.

COPY CATS provide multiple opportunities to experience how playing the same notes in each hand doesn’t mean using the same finger numbers. They purposely do not include dynamics so the student can focus on interval reading and simple articulation.

Note: the pieces in D Major, A Major and F Major are printed in two different versions — one with the key signature and one with no key signature. These side-by-side examples provide a refreshing opportunity to see exactly what a key signature does. The piece in G Major is printed with the left hand in two different positions – high and low.

COPY CAT pieces can be used for:

  • Sight Reading
  • Transposing
  • Balancing skills when one hand is stronger than the other
  • Assessing reading level and ability

“I used these with a student last week — amazing what it revealed about his reading, especially perception of intervals, and how they connect with his ear. These are truly useful tools for developing reading and coordination.”

—Keith Snell

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