Sightreading Flashcards Book Two (Studio License)


Diane Hidy’s Sightreading Flashcards Book Two (Studio License)

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How to Use This Book:

Book Two moves through the Major and Minor five-finger patterns in C, F, G, and D. Each set becomes incrementally more difficult. Time signature of 3/4 and 4/4 are now included.

Here are a few of the many different ways to use these cards:

  • Encourage students to write in their own fingering. This paves the way for making true fingering choices later on.
  • Circle the thirds before starting to read the flashcards. This helps the student focus on the difference between steps and skips.
  • Help the student add dynamics.
  • Print these in their entirety and use them as a book.
  • Print and cut them into separate cards. Trying sending home a set with a student and ask them to become proficient with each one. At the next lesson, mix them up and play them in random order. It’s a nice combination of preparation and reading.
  • Use them as a partner sightreading experiences. Have two students play them together – one playing each hand. Or play one hand yourself and have the student play the other. Remember to switch hands so they get practice in both skills.I wish you every success using my Sightreading Flashcards!Note: Each five-finger position has all up or all down stems. This is especially helpful for students with dyslexia and attentional issues. These same accommodations appear in my Attention Grabber books. 

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