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I am a big believer in teaching with props- they have been extremely beneficial to my studio and I use them in just about every lesson. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

  • Props provide tactile feedback. Playing the piano is a sensual, physical activity. Too often we forget that and spend too much time talking instead of experiencing the physical sensations of playing the piano.
  • Props are whimsical! Using a prop can give a child who’s losing focus an opportunity to “play” and then bring them back to the piano.
  • Props allow the student to take control over simple things like which erasers they get to use. It also gives them a way to save face while reengaging after a difficult moment.
  • Post-Its and White-out tape enable you to quickly mask, frame and edit music.

Prop pack includes:

  • set of 10 different Japanese eraser animals
  • ladybug for hand position
  • collapsing giraffe
  • 5 sticker sheets
  • small Post-It notes
  • extra-large pencil
  • roll of white-out tape
  • 20 page downloadable guide Teaching With Props

If you’ve got your own props already the guide is available separately here.


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Weight 7.5 oz

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