SMART SCALES Book Two (Studio License)


Diane Hidy’s SMART SCALES Book Two (Studio License)


SMART SCALES will transform the way you teach scales. These melodies fill the gap between Five-Finger Patterns and scales. They help your student achieve comfort in each key by first familiarizing themselves with its feel. What’s unique about each different Major scale? Where are its curves? What makes it feel good?

Each key begins with one page of melodies without key signature followed by the same exact melodies printed with a key signature. This provides a wonderful opportunity to help students read and understand the way key signatures work.

These are followed by more melodies printed with their key signature.

This 32 – page book contains melodies in all major keys with scales that begin on black keys. (D Flat, E flat, G flat, A flat and B flat Major.)

SmartScales Teacher Edition is now available in print with beautiful accompaniments for every scale (covers both Book 1 and Book 2).

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