Purple Paint

Things to Review
Dotted Half Note
Middle C Position
Notes Moving Up or Down

Whatʼs New
Adding Finger 4

The music provides a great opportunity for looking at notes moving up and notes moving down. (The questions will help.) It is important to spend time working regularly with students on this aspect of reading music.

The new note in each hand (finger 4) is held longer the first time it is played. This gives students more time to observe what is new. It also gives you time to make any hand shape corrections that might be needed.

Use the Technic, Theory, and Performance book pages to supplement and reinforce every concept from the Lesson book. We rarely assign more than two pages from the Lesson book per week, and frequently only one page, so that we can make a lateral move to the other books. We will also include seasonal books like “Piano Town Halloween” and “Piano Town Christmas”, as well as sheet music.

Work patiently and thoroughly through these early weeks and months of piano lessons. A strong foundation leads to a more enjoyable and successful experience for both student and teacher.

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