Row, Row, Row Your Boat

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Tied Chords
Whole Rest in 3/4

We wanted to immediately follow a piece with whole rest in 4/4 with one in 3/4, so that the whole rest is understood as an entire measure of rest, rather than assigning it a fixed number of beats. For this reason, we teach the whole rest first, before half and quarter, which are assigned a consistent number of beats regardless of time signature.

As in Brother John on page 49, when a LH chord is released and then replayed, it matches when a RH repeated note is released and replayed.

In measures 8 and 16, teach students to play the LH chords softer than the RH melody (which is tied from the previous measure). They will immediately sound more musical, and this is a good first step in listening to balance between melody and chords.

Folk tunes are such a delightful part of teaching music to young people. It is surprising how often children are not familiar with typical folk songs as those in Piano Town, and we hope that becoming familiar with them will be an enriching experience for students.

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