Rowing on the Lake

Things to Review
2nds and 3rds

Whatʼs New
2nds and 3rds combined

This piece combines line 3rds, space 3rds, and 2nds for the first time. We have looked at 2nds and 3rds separately on previous pages, and now put them all together.

Notice the carefully placed box for the LH in measure 3, where the LH does not begin on a landmark. This will help prepare the starting note for the LH.

The form of the piece is important to look at as well. Measures 1–2 and 5–6 (played by the RH) are the same, but measures 3-4 and 7-8 (played by the LH) are different. Notice, however, that these LH measures mirror each other. In other words, measures 7—8 have the same intervals as measures 3—4, but they are inverted.

The artwork is based on Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.

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