Sand Castle

Things to Review
Legato and Staccato
Quarter Rest

Whatʼs New
G Chord

This simple piece, with its evocative lyrics, is rich with wonderful moments for building skills. We look at G chords, contrast legato with staccato, continue to develop reading in G position, and even a review of quarter rest.

We see that the G chords are all line notes in both staffs, but show students that low G is the first line, and treble G the second line. Notice the A in measures 3 and 7, and how the boxes are in close proximity to one another. Use this for a compare and contrast moment.

The lyrics say “Shape the castle with your hand”. Use this image to help students shape the melody as well. And, let them enjoy the contrast of sound between strong, block chords, and a beautifully shaped melody. Then, have another contrast with the staccato of the final measure. All of these distinct sound changes bring the music to life.

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