Simon Says

Things to Review
2nds and 3rds
G Major Five-Finger Position

Whatʼs New

We have delayed staccato playing for rather late in the book, because to do it really well takes some finger strength and coordination. Teach a staccato technique that is played from the key, touching the key first and then playing with a feeling of pushing up. Not only does this make a better sound, and give more rhythmic control, but it also helps develop the stability of the first joint. Later on, more advanced staccato techniques will include playing from above the key, with a movement from the hand or arm. But in these beginning pieces, where students play at a relatively slow tempo, staccato works much better played from the key.

Reading skills continue to be carefully developed in G position. Notice how line 3rds, space 3rds, and 2nds, are separated into different measures. The point is to help students see these intervals, their direction, and if they are on lines or in spaces.
The questions and boxes are particularly important for a successful start.

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