Sitting at the Piano, Hand Position

The first thing to notice on this page is the colored tab in the upper outside corner. These will be found on every page of Lessons. The tabs are there as an aid to the teacher. The information written in the tabs tells what is the most important new concept(s) being presented on a page.

Next, notice the conversational style of the text on this page. This provides the teacher with a very natural and warm sounding “script”, which will help put the student at ease as you go through these details of posture and hand position.

Each bulleted point has a call-out line, connecting it to the example in the picture. You will notice the use of call-outs throughout Piano Town as a way of directing the eye from text to a visual element, or vice versa.

It is important to be very thorough with each item on this page. The basics of good posture and hand shape will, for most students, require patient and persistent reminders. However, the earlier good habits are started, the more natural they become later on.

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