Things to Review
F and G Lines
Line and Space Notes
A 3rd is a skip
Empty Boxes to Fill-In

Whatʼs New|
Space Note 3rds
Starting a 2nd above or below landmark C

Now we look at space note 3rds. And, this is the first piece where melodic patterns do not start on F, C, or G.

The empty boxes are still there to name the F and G lines, but now there are also empty boxes above the first note for the RH and the first note for the LH. These starting notes are only a 2nd above or below our landmark middle C, so students do not have very far to go to discover where to begin.

In the second question, students circle the fingers they will use (2 and 4). Compare and contrast this to the similar question on the previous page where they circled 1,3, and 5.

In all of the duet accompaniments, when the student has a long note (as in measure 4 of this page) the accompaniment fills-in the duration, never leaving the student without rhythmic support. This gives a student something to listen for as they hold their long note, to better hear and feel duration.

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