Teaching 101

When I began teaching piano, I was sure it would be easy. I was an excellent pianist after all, so I couldn’t imagine anything would be difficult about teaching a few kids to play the piano. I was so wrong.

In Teaching 101, I’ve shared the knowledge that would have been most valuable to me when I first started — tips and advice I’ve gained through forty years of consistent private piano teaching experience.

When I started teaching there was no internet, no Google search engine, or any chat groups where I could even ask a question. I found myself sitting in a small room with an upright piano and a child. I didn’t know where to begin. This course is for that me — the one sitting in that room all alone.

Though this series is most helpful for beginning teachers, there’s plenty here for any experienced teacher who wants to improve. Everyone can benefit from new ideas and teaching tips.

It’s also for anyone who finds themselves running out of ideas, motivation and clarity. Even the most dedicated teachers find it hard to keep going day after day, student after student. We all need encouragement and some new ideas to teach familiar concepts. Do you find yourself saying things over-and-over again the exact same way? This course is for you.

What’s in Teaching 101

Each section has a video, as well as written notes. The included text transcriptions are done by IBM’s Watson AI and are not consistently perfect.

I suggest starting with Understanding Yourself, but feel free to start anywhere you’d like.