Tears Of Joy

I have tears in my eyes.

I just got this email from the mother of my beloved student, Jacob. (You may remember him from the Reversing the Roles and Book ‘Em videos.)

“We met Cecilia yesterday at her home. You’ll be relieved to know that the following did NOT take place:

1.    Jacob did not drool or throw a tantrum; AND

2.    I did not declare my child to be profoundly gifted.

And… we’re in! She said she just got a Sunday 10am slot opening because one of her students changed times. Yaaaaaaaay!!!!!!

She was delightful and very kind and most importantly, it seemed that Jacob got on with her just fine. We found a piano teacher! 

So, once again, Diane, your influence has made our life better. Thank you.”

Tears of Joy jpeg.jpg

When I first opened my door to Jacob, my immediate reaction was to swoop him into my house and slam the door in his father’s face. Not that his father wasn’t sweet – I’d spoken to him at length on the phone – but my visceral reaction was that strong to this adorable five-year-old. I loved him at first sight.

Jacob is now in sixth grade. I’ve been crying on and off since Jacob’s mother, Vivian, told me that they were moving to the east coast to be near her aging parents. Not only has Jacob been a lovely student, but I’ve grown to love their entire family. Vivian has been a fixture at my yearly (and slightly baudy) White Elephant Parties. What would I do without them?

In a stroke of good fortune, they told me they were moving to the Washington DC area. I went to Peabody Conservatory for my Master Degree (yes, OK, with Leon Fleisher) and my closest friend and colleague, Cecilia lives there now with her family and teaches full-time. Would it be too much to hope that Jacob would be moving near enough and Cecilia would have space for him?

I’ve been waiting anxiously to hear about this meeting. Finally, it happened.

I will still miss Jacob and his family. But having him with a dear friend and colleague who will laugh at his jokes and appreciate his gifts and love of music makes it so much easier.

Today, as it has been many times since I first heard he was leaving, I’m crying.

Today it’s tears of joy.

Godspeed, Jacob. Have a wonderful time with Cecilia. 

Cecilia, enjoy my beloved, Jacob. You will love him, too.

Unless, like me, you already do.