The Artist

Things to Review
Quarter Note, Half Note
Finger Numbers 1 2 3
White Keys A B C D E

Whatʼs New
Using Finger 1
Middle C Position

This is the first white key piece, the first time we use the thumbs, and the introduction of Middle C position.

We delay using the thumbs and the 5th fingers until we are on white keys. These digits have such special coordination issues that it is best to gain some control of the longer, stronger middle fingers (2,3,4) before integrating 1 and 5.

When teaching the use of the thumb, make sure that the thumb touches the key where the skin and nail meet. Also, keep an open space between the thumb and 2nd finger. Tension in the hand will close this gap. Move the thumb at the joint, and avoid dropping the wrist and arm when the thumb plays.

We like starting in Middle C position best because it is the easiest for kids to remember where to put their hands. We also like Middle C position because is has all the notes of the scale, and more musically satisfying melodies can be created.

The barn has been in several pictures, as has the girl. Her painting will re-appear later on.

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