The Dinosaur Song

Things to Review
Steps and Skips
Dotted Half Note

Whatʼs New
Time Signature 4 Quarter

This piece is a very thorough review of how notes move:

  1. Steps: up & down.
  2. Skips: 1-3-5, as well as 2-4.
  3. Repeated notes.

We have done this purposely in anticipation of beginning staff reading, which starts on page 24.

In measures 1 and 5, the finger numbers match the beats. (Only two measures like this now. We are gradually getting away from this aid.)

Few subjects are as engaging to young people as dinosaurs. As the children in the picture play with toy dinosaurs, we see “real” dinosaurs peeking out from the trees. Notice the boy who is carrying a violin case and waving good-bye: he is going off to orchestra rehearsal.

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