The Piano Keyboard/Finger Numbers

Notice the text layout which describes down/up and higher/lower: information about going down the keyboard, and lower sounds is flush left; up and higher flush right. This is a visual cue to help orient students to keyboard direction. And, like page 4, the text is in a very conversational style.

Along with learning finger numbers, this is a good opportunity to discuss LH and RH. Check to make sure that your student is secure with which hand is left, which is right. Students who have trouble with this may do better with calling the left hand the “lower hand”, and the right hand the “upper hand”.

You can, of course, introduce the concepts on this page without the book. But on days when you are a little tired, it is nice to have the “script” to use. This information is also helpful for parents, especially if they are unfamiliar with piano lessons.

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