The Pie Song

Eloise loves writing lyrics. One of my favorites was her “Star Trek” themed lyrics for Elissa Milne’s Peas in a Pod variations from her Little Peppers Books. Each variation had its own hilarious tribute to everything from Vulcan non-emotionalism to George Takei. It was a brilliant example of taking a piece and making it her own!

She came in today and asked if she could play something she’d made up.

Music can provide many opportunities for cross-discipline learning. One of my favorite pages from Piano Town uses the three different forms of water: solid, liquid and gas to help introduce the three different forms of the minor scale. 

Piano Town's introduction of minor scales in Level Three.
Piano Town’s introduction of minor scales in Level Three.

Always say “Yes!” when a student asks to play something for you. Who knows what kind of wonderful, unusual learning has taken place? I’m not sure that Eloise’s Pi(e) Song will be number one on the pop charts, but she had a great time making it (all 80 digits!) and I loved hearing it. 

What’s the most unusual thing a student has ever shared with you?