The Satisfied Snake

Things to Review
Clef Signs
F and G Lines
Steps Going Up and Down, Repeated Notes

Whatʼs New
A Step is the Interval of a 2nd
Filling in Empty Boxes

Similar to the previous two pieces, the melodic patterns start from F, C, or G. The new reading challenge is the change of direction within each pattern: stepping up and then back down, or stepping down and then back up.

The F and G lines are still bold, but no longer named. Instead, there are empty boxes for students to fill in the names of these lines. You will begin to see empty boxes throughout Piano Town such as these. We use them to name lines, notes, intervals, and chords.

We show intervals up to 5th in the diagram, even though the piece only uses 2nds. It is easier for students to grasp the concept if they can compare a series of intervals on white keys.

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