The Sunset

Things to Review
Middle C Position for the LH
Time Signature 4/4

Whatʼs New
Reading F and Middle C in the Bass Staff

We begin with the bass staff because we want to show how the clef sign names a particular line, and this is easier to do with the bass clef sign. The large dot, and the two small dots which mark the F line are clear for a student to see. For extra clarity, we bold the F line.

On the keyboard map, not only do we identity middle C, but we also place a bass clef sign on the F below middle C, to further strengthen the relationship of a note on the keyboard to its location on the staff.

We move back to Middle C Position when introducing staff reading, because we want to use Middle C and bass staff F as landmark notes for students to use as tools for navigating around the staff. Middle C is such a natural landmark because it is so distinctive in appearance. Even if a student cannot remember any other note names on the staff, they always know middle C. F below middle C is distinctive because it is named by the clef sign.

These two notes, F and C, are the outer notes of the middle C position for the LH. The familiarity students already have with this position helps them to feel more secure and confident as they take this first step into staff reading.

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