The Surprise Party

Things to Review
Repeated Notes

Whatʼs New
Louds and Softs are Called Dynamics

Like page 42, we use the lyrics to inspire the use of dynamics on this page. The image of a surprise party is so engaging for students — hiding and staying quiet (p), then shouting and cheering (f) for the surprise! We also learn a new word for piano and forte: dynamics.

We continue reading 2nds and 3rds in the C Major Five Finger Position. However, here we add line note 3rds in the bass staff (fingers 4 and 2) as well as space note 3rds (5,3,1). Also, more use of repeated notes — which are so often the most difficult for students to see. The third question helps prepare reading the repeated notes.

Beginning on a long note (half note), it can be tricky to get students to hold it full value. It is no accident that the word “stay” is used on these notes in measures 1 and 2. Then, in measures 5 & 6, “shout” and “cheer” can also help give a feeling of length.

Even the most reticent student will be delighted to answer the final question on this page: “When is your birthday?”

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