The Symphony

Things to Review
Steps and Repeated Notes

Whatʼs New
Time Signature 4/4

This is our final pre-staff piece, and is based on the famous melody from the 9th Symphony of Beethoven. Whenever we have music by a master composer in Piano Town, we always include a short biography on the page of music.

If your student knows the tune with the dotted rhythm in measures 4 and 8, it’s fine to let them play it that way. If you want, you can even draw a dot by the first quarter, and a flag on the second (turning it into an eighth) and show them what the rhythm looks like. You can count it by saying:

This tune is excellent practice for reading steps and repeated notes. Of the three ways notes move — step, skip, repeat — repeated notes are the ones students overlook most.

The first question helps students begin to recognise form in music, and how a composer varies a melody.

The lyrics provide an opportunity to discuss the instruments of an orchestra, and you can use the art to help with this. Start by pointing out that the boy from the previous page, who was carrying his violin case, is in amongst the other musicians.

The accompaniment is quite grand and really fills out the sound. Makes for an excellent recital piece played as a duet.

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