Real Kids, Real Solutions

What’s it like to teach real kids in the 21st Century? Join me as I discuss the rewards and challenges of teaching my typical and not-so-typical students. I’ll give you practical tips for helping all students grapple with the realities of processing music and information and the best ways to Continue Reading

Every Word Counts

“We really baked their chicken!” Brian exclaimed gleefully. “You did what?” I asked.  “Last night, when my Dad came back from the meeting with our neighbors he said, ‘We really baked their chicken.’” Hmm…. “Did he maybe say, ‘We really cooked their goose?’”  “Yeah, that’s it!”  Kids repeat, often word-for-word, Continue Reading

A Piano in Paris

Early morning Parisian piano delivery. People often tell me that they can’t stand teaching adults.  “My adults never practice,” they’ll say. “My adult student doesn’t listen to me,” says another. I offer this sweet photograph as a humble piece of evidence to the contrary.  Look closely. This picture, taken at dawn, Continue Reading