Hand On Head

It’s impossible “not to do” something. Don’t think about elephants. See?  Students react the same way. They can’t “not do” something. But they will comply with glee if they’re asked to do something. Especially if it’s goofy.  Sabine is learning the transposing piece, Baseball Cap, from Piano Town Lessons Level One.  Continue Reading

Six Simple Tips for Teaching with Stickers

Teachers have often used stickers as rewards, but there are more innovative and helpful ways to use them. Here are some surefire ways to start using stickers to perk up your teaching. #1 Same and Different In this piece, a student needs to notice that the second phrase begins just Continue Reading

Colorful Memorization

Memorizing a piece can be challenging. Even more challenging can be motivating a student to memorize a piece. I wanted Audrey to memorize this Tango, the same piece that we’d used the Peek-a-Boo Window on the week before.  First, I had her interact with the score. We used colored tape Continue Reading

Post-It Note Power Practice: Case Study

Working with Iliana using Post-It Notes. My student Iliana came to her lesson having carefully practiced the piece I had assigned to her, The Superheroes from Piano Town Level One. It was well-learned except for one problem: she was stopping at each and every bar line.  This is a common situation. The video below Continue Reading