Every Word Counts

“We really baked their chicken!” Brian exclaimed gleefully. “You did what?” I asked.  “Last night, when my Dad came back from the meeting with our neighbors he said, ‘We really baked their chicken.’” Hmm…. “Did he maybe say, ‘We really cooked their goose?’”  “Yeah, that’s it!”  Kids repeat, often word-for-word, Continue Reading

Six Simple Tips for Teaching with Stickers

Teachers have often used stickers as rewards, but there are more innovative and helpful ways to use them. Here are some surefire ways to start using stickers to perk up your teaching. #1 Same and Different In this piece, a student needs to notice that the second phrase begins just Continue Reading

How and When to Say No to Prospective Student

Ask Diane “If I may ask: what do you do when it becomes apparent that the prospective student just doesn’t seem to be a good fit? Personality-wise? (But the parents love you and obviously don’t see anything wrong.) I’ve had a few interviews where there were some red flags but Continue Reading