Superhuman Strength

“Two mothers have been dubbed ‘Superwomen’ after saving a schoolboy’s life by lifting a 1.1 ton car off his body.” We’ve all read about miracles like these. A similar Superhuman Strength can happen when a student’s desire to learn a particular piece outweighs their own abilities to do so. I’m not talking Continue Reading

Teaching Adults Piano: Ten Tips

A master chef is teaching a private cooking class to James, a 45-year-old aspiring chef. “What your absolute favorite food?” asks the master chef.  “Jambalaya!” says James. “I absolutely LOVE Jambalaya! Can you teach me how to make it?” “Absolutely!” says the chef. “I’ll teach you to make Jambalaya. But Continue Reading

Colorful Memorization

Memorizing a piece can be challenging. Even more challenging can be motivating a student to memorize a piece. I wanted Audrey to memorize this Tango, the same piece that we’d used the Peek-a-Boo Window on the week before.  First, I had her interact with the score. We used colored tape Continue Reading